Domus Inc

Domus Inc
PO Box 220 Etna, NH 03750
Phone: (603) 643-4114

Our Experience

Domus has been in business since 1978. Our focus is custom-designed single-family homes; our experience includes a bank, restaurants, retail shops, medical offices, condominium projects and an underground house. We are skilled and styles ranging from colonial restoration to “today”. Our design team welcomes special requirements concerning super-insulation indoor air quality your building site or the specification of particular mechanical decorative or other unique components.

Our Philosophy

Our organized approach and attention to detail result in first class work and unequaled service for customers. We invest in knowledge of state-of-the-art building technology to stay in the forefront of energy efficient and cost-effective construction. We build durable high-performance structures. We want your building experience with us to be relaxing and enjoyable. All of this follows from our deeply held belief in providing our customers with the best long-term value can be found anywhere.