Membership Info

Membership in ACBC gives builders and remodelers access to people who understand their business concerns. Membership in the club extends far beyond the typical two meetings a year. Sharing the most important goals and objectives of a company leads members to build not only meaningful support networks, but lifelong friendships as well.

Teamwork & Success

With an ongoing camaraderie, the exchange of ideas extends beyond the scheduled meetings. Members continue sharing business advice with each other by phone, mail and email. Surrounded by business professionals, ACBC members develop the business plans, strategic plans and marketing plans that position their companies for success.

Just like a house needs a firm foundation, every business and business leader needs:

  • Access to education
  • Latest industry information
  • Strategic opportunities

ACBC provides builders and remodelers with this opportunity.

How To Join?

Once you complete the builder application, ACBC staff submit it to the Membership Committee for review. Prospective members will provide ACBC with comparative data such as dollar volume, home square footage, location, units sold and market area—which helps the Membership Committee determine whether you would be a good fit for our group. Once you have been identified as a possible match, leadership will contact you for an interview. The interview helps us decide whether you should be invited to our next meeting. If you are invited, you will be provided with an agenda and details for your initial 20 Club meeting. At your first meeting, if you and the club determine that the club is a good fit, you may find yourself invited to join ACBC on a permanent basis.